Resident Evil Village Accessibility Concerns Addressed by Capcom

Ben Bayliss2 minute read

Resident Evil Village has been one of this month’s biggest releases, taking players on a horrific journey through a castle with tall vampire ladies. However, as our review highlighted, the game isn’t brilliant for accessibility. Last weekend, concerns were raised by players on social media who were disappointed in the subtitle presentation, as well as other elements with the game’s accessibility. CIPT did reach out to Capcom for comment.

Capcom didn’t reply, but it has responded to TheGamer about the same subject! TheGamer reports that it was told by Capcom PR: “This is with the development team at the moment and [is] under consideration, but we don’t have definitive feedback just yet.”

TheGamer notes that the Capcom PR team doesn’t anticipate having a more concrete response “soon” but will respond once plans are more definitive for Resident Evil Village accessibility.

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Much criticism over last weekend pointed out that the subtitles are difficult to read in some scenes, especially when it comes to being presented against snow, bright lights, and even overexposed documents on tables. This was mainly due to the subtitles lacking background for text. Other players raised concerns with the FOV which TheGamer also highlighted in an article about Resident Evil Village having an accessibility problem.

What’s more baffling is that Capcom has white text on black backgrounds for on-screen prompts throughout Resident Evil Village, it just never put that same consideration forward for subtitles. Hopefully, the team decides to think more about accessibility for this title and we’ll see a patch, but until confirmation is given whenever “soon” is, it is just hope.

The previous Resident Evil titles have all done the bare minimum when it comes to accessibility, but there could be hope that the studio starts to take on the efforts being made by many other notable studios doing great work to ensure accessibility is not an afterthought.

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