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Coty Craven1 minute read

Today we started a fun new social side of Can I Play That — the Accessible Gaming Club.

Every month we will play and discuss a different game. Everything we love about it and everything we struggle with as disabled players. We’ll be focusing on games available on Xbox Game Pass and similar services, as these services eliminate the risk of new games for disabled players and have a low barrier to entry financially as well.

You don’t have to be disabled to participate, you just need to enjoy discussing games and accessibility. We welcome developers to join the discussion and fun as well!

Hosted on Can I Play That’s Discord server, the Accessible Gaming Club will be structured like an ongoing conversation where all members are welcome to share triumphs and pain points, developers can ask questions and learn, and we can all enjoy exploring games both old and new together!

To make for easier admin and moderation, we’ve made the Accessible Gaming Club private within the CIPT Discord. To join, simply indicate on the “general” channel that you’d like to join and you’ll be assigned the role giving you access to the private channel. Once you’re in, please make sure you review the rules and announcements channel as well.

The first game we’ve chosen for May is Dishonored!

Ready to get started? You can join the CIPT Discord at the link below.

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