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For those that are planning to jump into Sumo Digital’s new Hood Outlaws and Legends, you may be wondering what options are available for accessibility from the menus. Perhaps you want to know if you can rebind inputs, maybe you want to see if the subtitle presentation can be adjusted, well hopefully this menu deep dive will give you the information you want to know. If you’re interested in knowing what the game was like, be sure to give our Deaf/Hard of hearing review a read.

Before we jump into the main menus though, you’re first forced into a tutorial. And let me tell you, when the cutscenes showing a flythrough of the level began, I started mashing the ESC button to open a menu while I hoped that any dialogue that may play was subtitled. It turns out, there’s no dialogue throughout the tutorial and once you gain control of your character you can menu it up. After I finished the tutorial, I was sent to a hub area where I started my deep dive.



First up, hitting ESC brings up the above menu instantly, and the first section is for gameplay. From here you’ll be able to change your X and Y-axis inversion for mouse or controller as well as the sensitivity for those.

You’ll also be able to change the aiming, lock-on, sprinting, and crouching inputs to a toggle or hold from here. There are also options for enabling or disabling screen shake and vibration. You can choose to have the mini-map rotate, and there’s an option for enabling and disabling cross-play.


In this section, you can rebind your inputs for the keyboard and mouse or controller. All rebinds are only linked to gameplay, so don’t expect to be able to rebind menu-focused inputs. While this may not be overly strange, I did find it odd how I had to have every input assigned before I could even leave the menu after rebinding.

For example, I changed my “Comms” input from the middle mouse wheel to F, which was previously assigned to lock on. Because I hadn’t reassigned an input for lock on, the game refused to let me leave the menu until I’d done so. I don’t know why, it just felt odd.


Next up is audio! From this menu, you can assign your master volume level as well as change the volumes for music, voice, and sound effects. There are also sliders to change voice chat volume and microphone volume. You can turn voice chat off entirely and enable or disable push-to-talk/open comms. And there’s also the option to mute all players on your team, just your friends, or just your non-friends on the team.

A word of advice, Hood Outlaws and Legends has a bit of an accessibility issue when it comes to voice comms in that voice chat is not only enabled by default but push-to-talk is turned off so you’re running on open comms. So if you’re not a fan of voice chat or using a mic, you’ll want to make a stop here first.

And that’s it for Hood Outlaws and Legends! The video tab is pretty much just for your graphics and resolution settings although does have options for brightness and motion blur. If you want to exit to the desktop, you can’t use your mouse to select the quit option, instead, you’re forced to use the R key or whatever it is on consoles.

If you’re interested in finding out what we thought about the game, you can read our Deaf/Hard of hearing review here. The game is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X | S, and Xbox One.

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