PS5 accessibility features arriving in April update: Screen Zoom and Player Chat Adjustments

The April update for PS5 will become available tomorrow, and along with storage and social options, there are some accessibility-focused updates heading to the console.

In an official blog post from Sony, it’s detailed that users will see a return of a feature that was previously available on the PS4 but wasn’t carried over to the PS5 at launch. That feature is Screen Zoom. Users will be able to adjust the magnification of the zoom from the settings menu allowing them to zoom into chosen areas on the screen when needed. Whether the PS5’s zoom feature will be able to zoom in even further than the PS4 isn’t known yet.

For those chatting with other players in voice chat, users will be able to take control of each players mic volume in a similar way to how users can adjust individual users on Discord. As PlayStation puts it: “you can easily adjust the individual voice chat volume of other players in the same chat so you don’t have to ask your friends to lower or increase their mic volume each time.”

It’ll be interesting to see whether the user will be able to also increase player volumes past 100% as is the case with Discord.

The other updates coming to the PS5 console in the April update will see new Trophy settings, a stats screen, the ability to customize the game library, pre-downloads, and an improved Game Base area. Users will also be able to take advantage of some new social features on both PS4 and PS5. There are also some new storage expansion and management information detailed.

The PlayStation App is also getting some changes, although there doesn’t seem to be any information regarding being able to control anything specific for accessibility. For example, it would be useful for users to have control of other players mic volumes on the app itself. Although, PlayStation does detail that in the coming weeks it’ll be “rolling out even more”.

The April update is slated to become available on April 14, 2021.

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