Xbox Adaptive Controller now listed on Xbox Report a Problem app

If you’re using Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller on your Xbox console, you can now report any problems and feedback specific to the controller directly from your console.

Xbox’s senior gaming accessibility program manager Brannon Zahand announced the addition on Twitter. The tweet details that Xbox Adaptive Controller users can now report problems or send feedback regarding the specific controller by using the “Xbox Adaptive Controller” subcategory that can now be found on the Report a Problem app.

The Report a Problem app can be downloaded for free from the Xbox Microsoft Store. Once installed, the user can hold the Xbox logo on their controller to access a window where a button will appear to report a problem.

When the app opens, the Xbox Adaptive Controller is now listed as a subcategory and found under the Hardware and Accessories category when creating a new report. This is especially helpful for users who can now feel confident that their issues with the controller aren’t being mixed up with the standard Xbox controllers.

The controller has been a positive device for mobility accessibility and is a hub that allows numerous devices such as buttons, switches, and more to be connected to allow users a more comfortable way to play. CIPT reviewed the controller and found that the ability to customize the controller left an indescribable feeling of complete control when playing.

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