GAConf EU 2021 has all 20 videos available to watch with subtitles

This year’s Game Accessibility EU Conference 2021 (GAConf EU 2021) that was held virtually came to an end earlier this week with every talk from the two-day conference being made available instantly after with subtitles. Additionally, attendance for this years EU conference was much higher than the previous in-person EU event.

GAConf EU 2021 started on April 5 and ended on April 6 and was held digitally. The initial live stream was broadcast on both Zoom and YouTube and ran for just under 8 hours both days featuring numerous pre-recorded talks and panels. British Sign Language interpreters and live captioning were also available.

For those that were unable to attend or those who wanted to re-watch the videos, the talks were all edited, uploaded, and complete with subtitles and available on the YouTube channel just as the conference was coming to an end. This meant that 20 videos from industry professionals, consultants, advocates, and more were instantly available as a playlist which is also available to watch above.

If you plan on watching the videos, you’ll find topics such as Control’s assist mode, Watch Dogs Legion’s features, panels including Deaf/Hard of Hearing players and disabled developers, and more.

Conversations took place on the official IGDA GASIG Discord server where the audience was able to watch the stream and talk about the topics. This year’s conference also found attendees embracing their inner Goblin after Stacey Jenkins’ “Big Brain Plays” talk and Amy Kavanagh inspired a conference-wide adoration for Battenburg cake.

Speaking with Ian Hamilton, it was said that this GAConf EU event was more popular than the previous EU event which was held in person and took place in London. Tara Voelker also shared a clip of the final closing statement which you can watch below.

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