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As we reported a few weeks ago, this years’ European edition of the Game Accessibility conference is taking place online over 2 days on April 5th and 6th. And now with a few weeks to go before the conference the full schedule has been released. For the times and complete details, view the schedule on the official website.

What to expect during the conference

As is tradition, the conference kicks off with Ian Hamilton sharing the progress made since the previous GAconf. Barrie Ellis will also return to GAconf EU with a story from accessibility history about MAVIS.

Further talks will touch on topics concerning user research and accessibility programs, like those from both PlayStation and Xbox. Developers of a variety of games such as ScourgeBringer, Control, Ekstase, Candy Crush Friends Saga, and Watch Dogs Legion will share how accessibility factored into the development of those games in different stages of development. A panel of developers will discuss their experiences of working in the industry while disabled.

The perspective of disabled players is of course also represented on the virtual stage. Look out for a panel with Deaf/HoH speakers discussing accessibility in videos games, events, and culture. Additionally there will be talks discussing personal experiences with cognitive, physical, and visual disabilities and their impact on gaming. Becky Tyler will end the second day with a talk specifically on eye gaze accessibility.

How to participate

The talks will be given through Zoom and broadcast on YouTube at the same time. It’s worth noting that the Zoom broadcasts provide additional accessibility accommodations with full live captioning and BSL interpreting for all talks. The IGDA-GASIC discord server is also available for networking and discussions during the conference and throughout the entire year. The talks will remain available on YouTube after the conference.

The Game Accessibility conference is free to attend, however registration is required for the best experience. Those interested can register for the conference here.

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