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We’ve got a new Accessibility Impressions video for you today! Check our Daniel Malito’s thoughts on the Ikegol USB Foot Pedal!

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Welcome to another video for Can I Play That, youraccessible access to
accessibility in gaming! I think that might be a little too much access..

Anyway, today we’re going to be talking about another peripheral that helps to
ease the burden that people with mobility and accessibility issues have to
deal with especially, especially, when using a pc and playing games with a
keyboard and mouse. Now, every gamer, I don’t care if you just play candy
crush on your phone or if you have a life-size plushie of princess peach that
you sleep with every night, which I definitely don’t, uh, but still, whatever
level of gamer you are you have probably heard about the first person shooter
controller wars. Yeah, the eternal struggle between those who play shooters on
consoles and use a pad, and those who play shooters for real on the pc, using
a mouse and keyboard! In other words, the right way! Yeah I’m choosing a side,
too bad, sue me! No, we’re just kidding. We know some people have to use pad,
but no matter what you’re doing – whether you’re smoking dudes in Warzone or
going ham in Valorant, sometimes when you’re playing you need to reach for
that extra key on the keyboard that’s just all the way out there. You know, so
far out of the regular track it’s like you got to twist your finger around in
a knot just to reach it! I mean every time I play I wish I had an extra
finger! [Magical Harp Sound]
Game Fairy: Yo! Dan: Can I help you? Game Fairy:
Yeah you said “Iwish,” so here I am, the Game Fairy.
Dan: The game fairy
that’s not weird at all so you’regonna give me an extra finger? You’re gonna
grant my wish? listen that’s great can you put it likeon the side….
Fairy: Yeah yeah, let me stop you right there….. I was out late last night
partying at Nintendo and that toad he got some primo magicmushrooms, yeah,
talk about warp zone! So, uh, kind of running on empty today. Yeah,tanks on
“E” so extra finger – not going to happen. But i’ll tell you what we’ll give
it a shot we’ll see what comes out all right?
[Explosion Sound]
Dan: Oh! It’s
a foot pedal! It’s a foot pedal! Okay, I get it! Can’t use an extra finger, I
can use my foot, right?
Game Fairy: Yeah, that’s totally what I was going for
not a Steam gift card… (to himself) Where’d I put that damn thing… anyway
listen you got some aspirin on you?
Dan: Aspirin… on me… on a live set…
while we’re filming? Yeah, you know what, I don’t have any aspirin Game Fairy,
but you can help yourself to whatever you want off the craft services table,
you know. Make yourself a bananas and… skittles? Sandwich?? Whatever fairies
Game Fairy: Chick-fil-a, mostly.
Dan: Chick-fil-a?Chick-fil-a. Because,
why not? Of course game fairies eat Chick-fil-a. You must be doing pretty well
if you can afford Chick-fil-a every meal Game Fairy!
Game Fairy: Yeah well I
do alright, I’m COMFORTABLE. I go where the work is. Anyway if you need me say
the magic words.
Dan: Magic words? Okay, I’ll bite. What are the magic words,
Game Fairy?
Game Fairy: All right it’s up, up, down, down, left, right,
left, right, b, a, select, start.
Dan: The code. The Konami code. The
legendary code, because why shouldn’t it be any less weird than everything
else that’s going on here? You know what, select start isn’t technically part
of the code…
Game Fairy: Oh, you’re one of THOSE. All right, I’m outta
here. [To Off Camera] Hey listen buddy, you got any aspirin? I got a Steam
gift card…
Dan: Anyways Game Fairy everyone, Game Fairy. Okay! So now we got
this foot pedal to review and I’m gonna take a week and review it and I’ll be
back, but with the magic of video that means you’ll only miss me for about a
half a second, so here we go!
[Xylophone Sound]
And we’re back! Ready to tell
you about this wonderful foot pedal. Look, there’s not much to the foot pedal,
uh, it’s a USB foot pedal. It’s made by a company called iKKEGOL, I think I’m
pronouncing that right, and it costs under 25 bucks. It comes in two colors –
yellow and gray but really, they just swap the color of the pedal and the
housing in the different models. There’s software you can download that’s
surprisingly useful and allows you to remap the foot pedal to whatever key you
want. I think the default comes with “q,” which may or may not be useful for
you so don’t worry, it’s changeable. How did it perform? Well it was a lot
sturdier than I thought! To be honest, for a 25 piece of plastic it held up! I
was jamming my foot on that thing like I was Michonne in the Walking Dead,
curb stomping a walker. Yeah, and it took it! You know how you get in the
middle of like a round of Overwatch or something? You get excited! Start
slamming on the keyboard, slamming on the foot pedal, it gets nuts! One thing
I will say is if you don’t have a carpet to put this on, it does have a
tendency to move around so you might want to think about double-sided tape or
some way to block it in. In terms of usefulness, though, I can’t game without
it. Honestly. Right now I have it mapped to the push-to-talk button in some
games and other games I have it mapped to the show score or show map button –
you know, things that you don’t need readily, immediately right in front of
you but are still essential to playing the game. That’s the type of things
that the foot pedal is good for. Look, my hands, they’re still all right, they
work okay, but they are not going to ever be able to compete with the manual
gymnastics of a 15 year old Fortnite streamer named p00pNkill69. Its just not
gonna happen.
So, instead I have to take my entire hand out of position to
press extra keys and you know, you know, as soon as you take your hand out of
position, what happens? Exactly! Some try hard comes around the corner and
frags you right up the face! As you frantically try to put your hands back
into position but you end up pressing reload instead of crouch and suddenly
you’re face up on the ground, eating a tea bag from a squeaker who’s up past
their bedtime. Yeah, we’ve all been there and it’s awful! So this foot pedal
will allow you to keep your hand on the keyboard so that you can avoid those
rage quit moments that make you never want to play again. So, that’s pretty
much it folks. There’s not much to say about a plastic foot pedal that costs
25 dollars, it is what it is. But more importantly it can help you if you have
mobility and hand issues.
Now, uh, you know what, before we go I think the
Game Fairy left us an extra foot pedal and a Steam giftcard! So guess what,
viewer? It’s your lucky day! We’re going to be giving away the foot pedal and
the Steam gift card to a random Twitter user who retweets this humiliating
video that I made! Yeah, it’s not hard, just give us a retweet and you’re
entered in the contest and one of you wins! Obviously, we have to say that
we’re not responsible if you eat the foot pedal and your guts fall out. Or if
you use the foot pedal as a baseball bat and you end up getting plastic in
your eye. You know, all the dumb stuff – don’t do it, we’re not going to be
responsible for it. So use it correctly, okay Neanderthals?
Anyway, as always,
visit caniplaythat.com for all the news and reviews you need about
accessibility in gaming and, of course, be kind, rewind, and keep on gaming!
[Video Game Music Plays]

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