Far Cry: New Dawn Utilized Watch Dogs Legion Directional Captions After Studios Shared Accessibility Features

Ubisoft earlier this year invited us to try out Watch Dogs Legion, its latest open-world adventure set to the backdrop of a dystopian London as you wander the streets hacking everyone and most electrical things. The game saw us sharing our accessibility impressions, one from a Deaf/Hard of Hearing insight, the other from Steve Saylor and Grant Stoner for Vision and Mobility. The studio also revealed a range of options that are available at launch.

In addition to that, we were able to offer a Deaf/Hard of Hearing Review on the game which found Courtney scoring it a 10/10. We do have a Mobility Review on the way as well, so keep eyes peeled for that. But yesterday, after publishing the review, Ubisoft’s Senior Manager of #a11y, David Tisserand shared some information about Watch Dogs Legion.

David says that Ivan Kulbych, Lead Game Designer at Ubisoft spoke at this year’s #a11yToGaming event and shares that the directional captions that are present in Far Cry: New Dawn —A Ubisoft game that launched in 2019— were taken from Watch Dogs Legion which was still in development at the time.

This information is nice to see as it shows that Ubisoft teams around the world are working together to bring a more accessible experience to the end product, allowing more players to enjoy the games.

In replying to Steve Saylor’s impressions video that was also published yesterday, David hints that future patches may be bringing a few more accessibility improvements to the game, potentially ones that were highlighted in our earlier preview.

Watch Dogs Legion is available on October 29, 2020 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It’ll be heading to next-generation platforms when they release as well.

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