PS5 UX Revealed: Game Help, Voice-to-Text Chat, Activities, and More

Ben Bayliss2 minute read

The PS5 UX has been officially revealed after months of players screaming to know, and now, with only a month or so to go until the next-generation PlayStation arrives, we now know of some nifty features.

One of the first key things mentioned is that the PS5 UX has been designed with 4K TVs in mind. As you’d expect, things are a bit small as exampled toward the end of the video where we’re shown the Home Screen which features small icons with the rest of the screen acting as a HUB of sorts for that game.

The video goes through some interesting new features, such as the Control Center which allows you access to pretty much everything, without the need to leave your game. Icons might be somewhat small here and tucked away at the bottom, but it does look rather pretty. Cards are shown off, essentially categories for game specific information such as the latest news, captures, and more,

Watch First Look at the PlayStation 5 User Experience on YouTube

Some PS5 games will also come with Activities, which are “part of a plan to remove barriers to gameplay.” The shown example is Sackboy: A Big Adventure which consists of different levels. Each level is shown in the Control Center as an Activity, allowing you to open that activity up, check information such as progress, objectives left to complete, and the estimated time it’ll take you to complete it.

An interesting feature is highlighted and called Game Help, which allows you to open up an Activity for some PS5 games and get hints for a level you may be stuck on.This can show you media clips of how to progress past a point you may be struggling with for example. The odd thing here is that it’s a feature that is specific only to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

You will also be able to use voice-to-text chat to write messages rather than having to manually input each word with an on-screen keyboard or other methods. And with the DualSense controller coming with a microphone, you should be able to have some form of microphone available the majority of the time, be that the controller or a headset.

The PS5 is slated to launch on November 12, 2020.

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