The Solitaire Conspiracy Introduces a Zoom Feature in First Update

Yesterday saw the release of The Solitaire Conspiracy, a game about solitaire, but with a unique take, that’s heavy in spy and even heavier in a story. The game has been developed by Bithell Games, and today got its first update which…well it doesn’t really bring a lot of changes to the table. In fact, it brings one addition that is helpful for accessibility.

Yesterday, CIPT’s Steve had a glimpse at the settings and found things a bit hard to read. Today, Greg Miller, who also stars as your guide in the game, tipped us off that an update has gone live.

This update brings The Solitaire Conspiracy to version 1.01 and introduces a handy zoom mode. Players wanting to make use of this feature will be able to by right-clicking to zoom in, and then clicking again to zoom back out.

A video on Twitter is available showing the zoom feature in action as you can see above. It shows the zoom-in function following the cursor across the screen, and for a game with that much text, it’s a welcomed addition, and one many players have apparently been asking for.

There are also subtitles for the cutscene portions of the game, but it looks like they could stand with being improved, looking somewhat too blended into the visuals.

The Solitaire Conspiracy is available now for PC. It also looks like there might be some plans on getting the game onto Game Pass in the future, but this is obviously not confirmed.

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Ben Bayliss

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