Among Us to Be Getting Colorblind Support as Game Booms in Popularity

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Among Us is a game that went from an incredibly low-player base to amassing around 60 million active players suddenly. It puts 4-10 players against one another as crew on a space station, however, among them is one imposter tasked with the goal of killing them all. It’s a game all about lying and the new-found popularity has resulted in the planned sequel to be scrapped and instead the current game to be updated.

Developer, InnerSloth issued a blog post yesterday in which it addresses the sudden growth, saying that the server provider has “been working hard to get the servers adjusted to deal with the huge influx of players.” InnerSloth will also now be focusing on improving the current state of the game and any content planned for the sequel will now be updated into Among Us.

One of the updates that the developer is working on in relation to accessibility is colorblind support. The game features 4-10 characters that are different colors, and even InnerSloth admits “It’s something we’ve put off for way too long”. The plans are to introduce color identifiers for player colors and tasks that require matching colors.

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Crewmates have a set number of tasks to complete as a team to finish the game. Tasks come in the form of connecting colored wires, pressing numbers in order, and clicking and holding some buttons. The imposter pretends to do tasks while waiting for the right moment to click the “Kill” button and can move through the station using vents.

The idea is the game is played in silence and with no communications until a body is discovered or an emergency meeting is called, which is when players can discuss who they think is the imposter and vote to throw them to their death and see if they’re right. Among Us continues until the imposter kills everyone, or the crew complete all the tasks.

At current, Among Us features a fairly large and simple interface with players able to play entirely with a mouse, or with a mouse and keyboard. The game is also available for free on mobile devices and as such the buttons on-screen are rather large and easy to see. This also means that players can either use keyboard shortcuts to choose actions or click on the buttons on the screen.

It’ll be interesting to see if InnerSloth makes any additional accessibility changes in the future, but for myself personally, I found it to be easy to understand and interact with.

You can purchase Among Us on Steam, or download it for free on mobile devices.

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