Immortals Fenyx Rising Launch Day Accessibility Features Detailed

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Ubisoft’s upcoming mythical adventure title, formerly known as Gods and Monsters, and now known as Immortals Fenyx Rising, has been announced to be arriving on December 3, 2020. And Can I Play That was invited to try the early demo out to see what we thought of the game and what accessibility options were available. However, the demo was rather lacking, but Ubisoft has revealed the full list of what should be available at launch.

It’s revealed that the first experience with the game will see a number of accessibility options and more before the game begins, allowing you to fiddle with image calibration, language, colorblind settings, and some input actions. The launch day version of the game will include complete remapping for controllers on both PC and consoles. There will also be the option to make the character automatically move, either on foot or on mounts.

Watch Immortals Fenyx Rising - Hands On Accessibility Preview on YouTube

Immortals Fenyx Rising will also offer you the option to use an aim-assist for ranged controls. This comes as full, partial, or off. And there’s also going to be a target lock-on feature which was present during the demo. Camera follow will also make the camera move by itself and remaining behind you at all times, or using the thumbstick to manually set the desired angle.

Crouching, walking, aiming, long jumping, using Apollo’s arrows that you can guide in the air, and using Herakules strength ability can all be toggled to be hold or toggle inputs. Additionally, you’ll be able to use multiple inputs at the same time, such as a mouse and a controller to be used in conjunction.

Red Enhanced, Green Enhanced and Blue Enhanced are the available colorblind modes and effects only the games UI layers apparently, with an adjustable intensity. There’s also going to be menu narration available for “most menu contexts” with the HUD being the exception. Pacing, volume, and the option of male/female voices are available to adjust on all platforms except the Nintendo Switch.

Watch Immortals Fenyx Rising: Official World Premiere Trailer | Ubisoft Forward 2020 | Ubisoft [NA] on YouTube

Immortals Fenyx Rising will allow you to adjust audio sliders for different audio layers and will have subtitles turned on by default. There will also be an option to enable a black background behind the subtitle text for contrast. There are also “Puzzle Captions” which should help you locate puzzles and rifts by showing their location and direction.

You’ll be able to change the difficulty levels at any given time, and there’s going to be a puzzle assistance mode that offers four ways of providing help in solving the puzzles. One points you in the direction of a puzzle interaction with a directional indicator. The other three options actually help visually guide you to solving the puzzle.

Immortals Fenyx Rising will also have onboarding tutorials and the ability to allow for tutorial menus to appear at all times. Gameplay reminders can be assigned to remind you to perform tasks such as upgrading, or resetting a puzzle you’ve messed up. Additionally there will be reminders for controls.

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