Can I Play That — A Call For Pitches From Disabled BIPOC Writers

Coty Craven2 minute read

Every stage of growth for Can I Play That has been exciting and gratifying, from the first time a piece hit 1000 views to the first time an industry exec shared our work on their social media. Finally being in a position to pay for some pieces, is by far the most exciting next step because this has been our goal all along.

While we can’t yet pay industry rates and the number of pieces we can pay for are limited to one piece a month (for now), it’s thrilling to be able to finally pay something.

Now to address the elephant in the room. While Can I Play That has changed the conversations throughout the industry being had about accessibility, those conversations have been centered on white disabled people. Since our launch in 2018, we’ve been in the position of only accepting work from writers who volunteer it for free. And those volunteers have, for the most part, been white people. Because we rely entirely on our Patreon for funding, we’ve not been in a position to solicit work from a more diverse group of writers because that would have left us asking BIPOC for free labor. We know it is on us to rectify this.

For this reason, now that we are finally able to pay for a limited amount of work, our focus is on de-centering white perspectives at Can I Play That. We want what we publish to be reflective of all disabled gamers and our experiences and we know that so far, we have not achieved that.

So what are we paying and what are we accepting pitches for?

  • $50 per piece.
  • We can commission one article per month.
  • If we receive multiple pitches that we wish to publish, we will contact you about publishing in upcoming months.
  • You must be a disabled BIPOC writer.
  • We are only looking for features or commentary pieces. No reviews.
  • We cannot accept pieces that disparage studios, individual developers, or are just angry rants.

While our goal is to one day be able to pay for all pieces, right now that is simply impossible and we have chosen to focus on building CIPT into a site more reflective of our values; one that is inclusive and truly representative of the amazing disabled community.

For more information on how to submit to us, see our Submission Guidelines page.

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