Fall Guys Developer Looking to Add Accessibility Features

Fall Guys has boomed in popularity since its launch only last month, and the developers have been busy keeping servers running, fixing issues, and more. So many things seem to have been going on behind-the-scenes that I don’t think anyone’s really had time to sit down and speak to them. Kate Stark, however, managed to sit down with a couple of the members at Mediatonic working on Fall Guys, and revealed some information about the future of the game’s accessibility.

Back when Animal Crossing: New Horizons launched earlier this year, an in-game talk show, Animal Talking with Gary Whitta, became incredibly popular. Kate Stark, a Twitch streamer was introduced on the show in the third episode. When Fall Guys launched, it was revealed, Talk Guys. a similar show was going to be hosted by Kate. In the second episode of Talk Guys, Kate was joined by lead game designer Joe Walsh and Oliver Hindle, Mediatonic’s senior community manager.

Toward the 1-hour 50-minute mark, the topic of accessibility is brought up when a user in the live-stream chat asks about the introduction of colorblind modes in the future. “That’s one of the highest things actually is colorblind mode” Joe responds. “it comes under the moniker of making sure this game can be played by as many people as possible. We’ve worked really hard to make sure the game has simple controls so that it’s a very easy game to pick up and play.”

He then mentions that “We wouldn’t be being true to the moniker of making a game that’s easy to pick up and play if we didn’t improve our accessibility things, which are not great at the moment, admittedly.”

When talking about what other areas in regards to accessibility the team is looking to improve, Joe mentions that a big one is one where players are unable to remap controls to the mouse. He also says he wants to add an auto-camera feature.

While it’s unclear exactly when these updates would be applied to the game, the fact that Mediatonic is listening to the community and getting to work on the updates is fantastic. Season 2 of Fall Guys looks to be arriving in October, whether or not the updates will be present then is not known, but it’ll be nice if they were.

Fall Guys is available on PC and PS4 at the moment and will probably head to other platforms at a later date.

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