New Control Expansion Introduces Assist Mode and More

Ben Bayliss2 minute read

Control, a game by Remedy Entertainment about manipulating the world with your fancy mind and powers has received a new expansion recently. The expansion, titled “AWE” and is a crossover between Control and Alan Wake, another title from Remedy Entertainment. While eyes were mostly focused on the Alan Wake theme, lead gameplay designer Sergey Mohov explained some new features added to the game.

A new Assist Mode has been added to the game and will allow you to take control of enhanced aim assist and aim snapping. These features should make it an easier ride for targeting enemies. There are also multipliers for energy recovery, damage reduction, and ammo recovery. You’ll also be able to choose to have one-hit kills or even toggle immortality.

There’s also a new feature to allow you to choose how you want the sprint button to work, You’ll be able to choose between keyboard inputs or gamepad inputs to have it as either a toggle or hold. Similarly, walking is now toggleable and Mohov confirms that all controls are still remappable across the board.

There are other additions such as the new “Unread” tab for collectibles and those unique weapon mods are now highlighted in golden color to stand out from the other normal mods. Really, the main draw from this update, to me, seems to be the addition of the assist mode features that looks to make the gameplay experience a more comfortable experience.

Control is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can check out our Deaf/Hard of hearing review here. The AWE expansion launched on August 27.

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