Marvel’s Avengers Blog Details Accessibility Features Available at Launch

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Crystal Dynamics has already been on the ball with detailing information about accessibility to its upcoming Marvel’s Avengers. But as the game approaches its launch next month, a new blog post details a large collection of information on what accessibility options will be available at launch.

The studio explains how it worked with industry experts to implement and build upon a “foundation of accessibility in our games”. The team grew from advocates and into a formalized accessibility team along with getting its AbleGamers APXP certification in 2019.

The studio states that the information on what accessibility features are available at launch isn’t the final state and that it plans to continue addressing accessibility and rolling out improvements beyond launch.

As for the options, Marvel’s Avengers will have subtitles that are turned off by default. You will be able to choose whether to have default white text for subtitle presentation or to have color-coded subtitles to suit each character. Additionally, captions will be present for sound effects and narrative tracks. Marvel’s Avengers supports Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech chat on Xbox and PS4 through the Game Chat Transcription app and PS4 Second Screen.

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You can choose from various difficulty options; Easy, Normal, Hard, and Brutal. You’ll also be able to choose to have vibration on or off and change how QTEs and rapid button presses work, choosing between hold inputs or tap inputs. As for controls in general, you’ll be able to remap buttons across PC and consoles.

For camera options, there are options to change the camera sensitivity and shake sensitivity. Choose from different combat camera distances, invert flight for Y-Axis, adjust sensitivity when aiming, have target locking, and even targeting assistance. There’s also an option for combat camera recovery to help with motion sickness.

There’s also an in-game Tactical Awareness feature that can be triggered, highlighting points of interest, guide you to the next objective, and highlights AI or co-operative companions. There’s also an auto-equip feature that will automatically equip the best loadout available to your character.

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There’s also a bunch of features and options that are still a work in progress and don’t look as if they’ll be available at launch. These include a high-contrast mode, subtitle customization for sizes, motion blur reduction, and ways to reduce cognitive load.

The studio also mentions that if anyone has any suggestions or feedback for Marvel’s Avengers and accessibility, they can get in touch with with the accessibility team at:

Marvel’s Avengers is slated to launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on September 4. You can check out what we thought about the game while it was in beta stages by reading Courtney’s Deaf/Hoh review as well as Stacey’s impressions on cognitive accessibility and Steve’s accessibility impressions.

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