Webbed Is About a Spider. Oh, and It Has an Arachnophobia Mode

Ben Bayliss2 minute read

Spiders are well-known to be used as enemies such as how the recent game from Obsidian Entertainment’s Grounded portrays the eight-legged creatures. Sometimes they’re just used as a scare tactic, such as the first level in 4A Games’ Metro Exodus. But for those that have arachnophobia, these games can be unplayable. This week, Sbug Games announced Webbed, a game where you play as a spider.

Developer Riley Neville showed off the trailer for Webbed that is due to be launching sometime next year. It finds players being able to swing through trees, spin webs, and make friends with other bugs in the world. The spider itself is on a mission to save her boyfriend from a bird. It looks to be currently slated as a single-player game and does look rather cute. However, the concept of it including a spider means it may not be for everyone.

On Twitter, one user mentioned their fear of spiders but stated that it looks as if this game would be the exception. Riley then reassured and confirmed that the game has an arachnophobia mode that turns the spider from its eight-legged self, into a cute fuzzy ball with no legs and blinking eyeballs.

Back in July, Riley had asked for feedback (Spidery blob warning) showing an earlier concept of the blobby spider, however, it looks as if comments noted it still looked too much like a spider. The above embed looks to be the result of the feedback.

The Steam page shows off the gameplay in more detail but does feature the full spider version heavily and has no mention of the arachnophobia mode, which would probably worth mentioning at the start of the game’s description. Either way, the gameplay looks to be nice and smooth, played in a 2D platformer style.

Webbed is slated for launch sometime next year and looks to be exclusive to PC for now.

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