Fall Guys Raises Money For SpecialEffect Charity Through Bidding War

Ben Bayliss3 minute read

Fall Guys is a hugely popular Battle Royale title you no doubt have heard about. But what about Mediatonic’s latest effort to use their huge growth as a force for good? The developer has decided to use the popularity and brands jokingly wanting to get a skin in the game as a way to raise money for SpecialEffect.

Coined as the “Battle of the Brands” competition, the goal finds brands bidding a sum. The brand with the highest bid by the end of the second week of the competition will donate said sum to the SpecialEffect charity and get a skin available in-game. So far the bids have been raking up a lot.

We saw a bidet company offer up $40,000,01 with a skin concept in which a t-shirt said, “Ask me about my butthole…” but was outbid by Mr. Beast with $100,000. Since then, more influencers and brands have jumped on including Ninja, and esports brands.

Ninja and Aim Lab teamed up together last night to raise the bid to $420,069, but then that bidet company returned to increase it slightly to $420,069.69. The company’s skin now updated to include the t-shirt but also a peach emoji for a hat.

The brand that does eventually end up with the highest bid will be contacted after the second week to deal with legal bits and bobs, and then once the brand or influencer has donated, the Fall Guys Twitter will publicly share the news and I imagine the studio will get working on an in-game skin.

Whether the skin will be free for players, or available to purchase with in-game currency is another thing we’ll learn nearer the time.

It’s certainly nice to see Mediatonic bringing awareness to disabled players and the charity. While our Deaf/HoH review found the game to be mixed, our Mobility review saw it do incredibly well. Of course, every experience is different, and some players do find the game to be inaccessible. However Mediatonic has confirmed that it is scaling up the team and wants to improve accessibility along with other improvements.

Fall Guys is currently available on PS4 and PC.

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