Grounded Launches Into Early Access With a Populated Accessibility Menu

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Update: It turns out I’d glanced over an earlier blog post for Grounded in which Obsidian explains all of the accessibility options available! The post is here and explains that there are three types of colorblind modes and gives explanations for all options.

There are also additional options such as controller vibration which rumbles to usually cue the player of clues. Inverted camera options, toggle crouch, and sprints. Obsidian also notes that if players want to see an option in the game added in the future, they’re more than welcome to reach out to the developer.

The original article continues below.

Grounded has entered Early Access today after previously being playable as a demo last month. Can I Play That? has already shared impressions on said demo and looked into the state of accessibility available at that moment in time. Now that the game has entered early access some improvements appear to have been made.

Last month, Grounded, a game from developer Obsidian Entertainment, did have an accessibility menu present as well as an adjustable arachnophobia mode. However, the menu itself was rather sparse. It only had an option for a colorblind safe UI and enabling Read To Me.

The early access version has added a bunch of different options that seem to offer the player a lot more control. The colorblind mode seems to now be for the entire game with some options in a dropdown to choose from. Players can choose to have large text enabled and Read To Me enabled.

Subtitles have several options such as dialogue-only or to have sounds captioned. The size of the subtitles can also be adjusted as well as deciding on having a background behind the text or not. There are also chat options such as text-to-speech or speech-to-text.

Obsidian Entertainment has so far only mentioned on official blogs and news posts that the game is available now, but there’s no mention of everything they’ve added. There may be more options tucked away in the other menus, and we have Courtney working on a review of Grounded at the time of writing this.

If you’re interested in being a very small person being attacked by normal bugs that look bigger because you’re small, then Grounded is available on PC and Xbox One. We’ll have a review on the game up as soon as we can!

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