Ghost of Tsushima Gets Large Text and Lower Intensity Mode in New Patch

Ben Bayliss2 minute read

If you’ve been spending the last who-knows-how-many-hours-lost-on-a-beautiful-island, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Ghost of Tsushima has a new patch that introduces some accessibility adjustments, including the ability to make combat more or less intense.

Sucker Punch Productions today announced the new 1.05 patch which should be added to the game on July 27, 2020. Firstly, while the game was previously said to have difficulty options, it seems as if the studio wants to offer a more comfortable experience. A new mode “Lower Intensity Mode” will keep the feeling of the game’s combat, but relaxing some of the timed elements.

Basically, you’ll have more time to react and it’ll be harder for them to detect you when stealthing around all sneaky like. It’s detailed that unblockable attacks in this mode become blockable, but there are still some attacks that require you to dodge. When you’re being attacked, enemies will break off their attack combos to allow you to recover before they start swinging again. You’ll also find your heavy attacks will now interrupt attacks from Brutes, thus stopping their combo.

If you need to heal, using Resolve will now find the enemy waiting to attack you. And if you’re sneaking around, the enemies awareness will build a lot more slowly to allow you time to recover after being spotted.

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Text has been increased! A large text option will now find subtitles, mission objectives, and interact prompts increased in size. They’re increased by 150% when it’s enabled. There’s also a feature to turn the speaker names off when subtitles are enabled and you’ll be able to choose to have the subtitles in a variety of colors; white, blue, yellow, red, or green.

There’s another difficulty mode added to Ghost of Tsushima as well. This new mode is called “Lethal” and basically makes the game a lot harder. Enemies are more aggressive, detect you faster, and the timing between dodge and parry moves is a lot tighter.

It’s certainly fantastic to see the features added to the game and shows that Sucker Punch Productions is listening to the player base. If you’re interested in picking Ghost of Tsushima up, it’s available now exclusively on PS4. We have a Deaf/HoH review available if you’re interested in reading on how accessible the game was prior to the patch, (The review will be updated once we try the patch). You can also check out our accessibility impressions from Steve.

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