Game Accessibility Conference 2020 Speakers Announced, Registrations Now Live

Ben Bayliss2 minute read

Earlier this month, it was announced that this year’s Game Accessibility Conference 2020 would be taking place entirely online in September. The event seems to be remaining the same as all of the events before it, just this time it’s all digital. Now, new details have come to light regarding registering interest in attending and who will be speaking.

The conference itself will be entirely free to tune in and watch with all talks being streamed. However, registration is required for those who want to join the chat rooms. If access to the chat rooms is something you’re interested in, then you can register by visiting the official Eventbrite page. It’s free to register, and there’s also an option to donate to support the event.

In addition to registrations opening up, the official website has now detailed a list of speakers planned to be present and hosting during the event. I’m told this is only “the first batch” of speaker announcements.

Those announced include industry professionals such as Ubisoft’s David Tisserand, Microsoft’s Brannon Zahand, Square Enix’s Améliane Chiasson, and more. You can find the full list of speakers on the website and also in the list below.

  • Craig Kaufman – AbleGamers Charity
  • Morgan Baker – University of Southern California
  • Andrew Eiche – Owlchemy Labs
  • Ross Minor – Independent
  • Améliane Chiasson – SquareEnix West
  • Melissa Boone – Xbox Research
  • Nicolaas VanMeerten – GLITCH
  • Clint “halfcoordinated” Lexa – Independent
  • Michael Feir – Independent
  • Lucy Greco – University of California, Berkeley
  • Charles McGregor – Tribe Games
  • David Tisserand – Ubisoft
  • Brannon Zahand – Microsoft
  • SightlessKombat – Independent

I’ve also been informed by accessibility specialist Ian Hamilton about some information that’s not shown on the websites. The Game Accessibility Conference 2020 will see 18 sessions that will take place over the two days. The line up of speakers shown above only covers the first 10 of those sessions, so there’s still more information to be revealed in the future.

If you’re planning to sit back and experience the Game Accessibility Conference 2020 from the comfort of your own home, it’ll be taking place on September 28th and the 29th. Registration is open now for those wanting to get in on the chat rooms.

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