Xbox Games Showcase Will Have Audio Description, ASL, and Captions

Today will see the official Xbox Games Showcase live stream take place online. It has been said that it’ll be introducing viewers to an hour of video games with world premieres and updates on previously announced games. There’s also due to be the first-ever look at a campaign from the upcoming Halo Infinite. The event takes place later today at 9am PT/12pm ET.

While there’s no information on whether we’ll get to see some accessibility announcements in any of the games shown later today, it has been confirmed that the stream will also have additional streams running at the same time. These additional streams will include one with captions, one with both open captions and American Sign Language, and there’s also an audio described stream.

If you want to watch the stream with ASL and open captions you can watch that here. The stream with just open captions is available to watch here. And the stream with audio description is available here. These will go live at 9am PT/12pm ET alongside the main stream.

This information comes from Michael Anthony, a Microsoft Universal Store Developer, and also Larry Hryb, Xbox’s Major Nelson. However, there has been no mention of these streams on the official Xbox social accounts at current. That may change as last night Graeme Boyd, social marketing manager at Xbox said in a thread that he will be “getting on it first thing in the morning”.

So from the sounds of it, the official Twitter accounts may be sharing the news that the Xbox Games Showcase will be accessible for more viewers.

As stated, the stream will take place later today, it’ll be interesting to see what Halo Infinite looks like in regards to gameplay Halo: Reach didn’t fare all too well in our review. Hopefully, the game will show off some accessibility options, but personally I’m not expecting much.

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