Overcooked! All You Can Eat Heads to Next-Gen Consoles With Assist Mode and Accessibility Features

Ghost Town Games’ wacky cooking puzzler Overcooked! series is getting an overhaul as a definitive edition of the games are on route. The games have players frantically trying to prepare various meals in surreal levels that involve moving platforms, timed recipes, and lobbing food about.

Team17 yesterday announced Overcooked! All You Can Eat a collection of the previous 2 games and all previously released DLC remastered in 4K and with accessibility additions.

Overcooked! All You Can Eat will include an assist mode allowing players to slow down the recipe times, increase the duration of the playable rounds, and allow the player to skip any levels. In addition, accessibility functions have been added, allowing the player to scale the UI, apply dyslexic-friendly text across the game, and select from color blindness options.

The trailer that you can watch below breifly mentions assist mode, alongside an image of a dog staring at a food bowl for some reason. However, the assit mode isn’t shown off in action, nor does the trailer show any of the accessibility options being introduced.

This was a shame considering Moving Out, a game also published by Team17 had a trailer that showed off the accessibility settings in full. It looks like the Overcooked! trailer wanted more of a focus on its flashy next-generation 4K’ness rather than inserting a small montage of accessibility. Hopefully we’ll see a similar trailer launch sometime in the future?

On top of the introduction of assist mode and accessibility features, the game will be fully remastered in 4K at 60fps, allowing online play and crossplay. It’ll introduce over 200 levels with 7 brand-new levels along with 3 new chefs. The game will also be making use of the next-generation hardware with faster loading times.

Overcooked! All You Can Eat will be heading to Xbox Series X and PS5 at some point in the future,

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