Dreams PSVR Update Introducing a “Full Slate of Accessibility Features”

If you’ve been on the PlayStation scene long enough, you’ll have no doubt heard about a game called Dreams. This PS4 exclusive allows the player to create their own games and share them with the community. For some PS4 owners, they have a PSVR, allowing them to play games with the virtual reality headset. While the game didn’t have PSVR support, that support is on the way, and there’s some accessibility support along with it.

Media Molecule announced PSVR support during the DreamsCom showcase that took place on June 30. It was revealed that players would be able to use DreamShaping with new tutorials on how to create while using VR.

The update will also be bringing new gadgets to Create mode with a full slate of accessibility features. Comfort mode for example will reduce or remove camera motion when in VR. There are other options such as flipping the menu buttons, setting a vignette strength, having a static sky, and “more”.

The official Trello page details more information about what’s being worked on.

Some of the gadgets listed for example is hand/Imp tracking that makes it easier to track and attach objects to the imp. (The imp is the animated cursor in Dreams). There’s also a gadget to track and attach objects to the game camera easier. There are also plans to add a shortcut to rotating an object.

The PSVR update for Dreams is slated to launch on July 22 for PS4.

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