No Man’s Sky Update Introduces Speech-to-Text Communications

Ben Bayliss2 minute read

No Man’s Sky is one of those games that has a rocky past after launching in 2016, however, since then Hello Games has released a wealth of titled updates that brought new content and features to the game. Today’s update will have some accessibility features introduced to the latest version of the game.

As detailed in the patch notes, those playing No Man’s Sky on PS4 will find that voice-chat has been re-enabled. This isn’t the only chat improvement though as some general fixes have been applied such as guidance text appearing when unknown commands have been typed. It’s also easier to invite people to a group or add them as friends by just simply looking at them and pressing a button.

In addition, No Man’s Sky will now have the option to turn speech-to-text on which will transcribe incoming voice chat into readable text. There’s also a new feature that should translate any voice communications if needed. Those wishing to turn these on can find them in the Network options area.

Those who might be playing the game in VR will also find that there are some improvements that have been made, such as the ability to now see your character’s body, camera height being set to the height of your character, and improved hand-tracking.

Other general fixes are listed in the patch notes, however, some that may be of interest. Full-strength camera shake and vibration whenever a ship lands in multiplayer, even a distance away from the player have now been fixed so it doesn’t do that. Ship audio playing repeatedly in multiplayer is also fixed, and some players had difficulty targeting players near the Nexus while in VR so that has been sorted.

Today is also the day that No Man’s Sky arrives on Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One users. Additionally, the game will be getting a Windows 10 version to allow the game to also be played on Game Pass for PC. The new update also finds cross-platform multiplayer being added to the game allowing for players on Xbox One, PS4, and PC to play together in the vast space-exploration title.

If you’re interested in No Man’s Sky, you’ll be able to grab it on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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