Apex Legends Deaf Player Gets Wholesome Response From Teammate

Ben Bayliss2 minute read

Video game communities aren’t always as horrible as they’re mostly made out to be. Sure, you get multiplayer games where you’ll have verbal abuse slung your way, and sometimes get called obscenities through text chat just because you messed up very slightly. But there are moments of greatness and this post on Reddit shows an interaction between two players on Apex Legends. a wonderful example.

Taking place in Respawn Entertainment’s Battle Royale game Apex Legends, the photo of a screen shows the player’s text chat in the character selection screen area. One player mentions “Just a heads up, I am deaf in real life so I can’t hear mic callouts. Sorry in advance.” One of the teammates reply with “All good man, don’t worry about it.” leaving the deaf player saying, “Thanks for understanding.” and a little smiley face.

wholesome chat from r/gaming

It’s certainly lovely to see, I just wonder how the rest of the match went!

This does remind me of my experience in the past on Apex Legends. Sometimes I feel like I need to inform my squad that I’m Deaf, especially if I can hear them waffling on microphone prominently and the voice-to-text isn’t working as well as it should. I’ve had both good and bad experiences, one was more recent in which I said I was Deaf and the person on microphone apologized and used the ping system instead.

Another experience saw my squad about 2 minutes into a match, looting and the one person shouting my username in a frustrated way because I wasn’t picking up some armor. I typed that I was Deaf and apologized and they sighed on the mic and then left the squad.

Thankfully, in Apex Legends it doesn’t entirely matter if you have a microphone thanks to the intuitive ping system that I mentioned in my article yesterday. It’s so well done that it allows entire strategic conversations to be constructed just by selecting options from a radial wheel. There’s also the voice-to-text which sometimes works well enough to form a readable sentence.

Comments on Reddit do question why this is even “wholesome” in the first place. But really, this is only wholesome if you’ve experienced numerous games being ruined by people not willing to communicate or work with you after you’ve told them, for example here, that you can’t hear them. Props to this teammate. A legend.

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