Valorant – Accessibility First Impressions (Featuring Andy Cortez from Kinda Funny Games)

Today, Steve checks out Riot Games’ Valorant Closed Beta with Kinda Funny Games‘ Andy Cortez to examine the settings and see what accessibility features are available for disabled players. Spoiler alert: it’s not great.

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Steve Saylor is a Toronto-based podcaster, radio host, Blind Gamer, YouTuber, Twitch Streamer, Graphic Designer, Content Creator and College Professor all while being blind! Starting in 2015, his entertaining YouTube series “Blind Gamer” fuses humour with his passion for playing video games. In just a few short years he is considered a thought leader on accessibility in gaming and an advocate for developers to push video game accessibility forward. Steve is the top Blind Gamer in Canada and has worked with prominent clients in the video game industry.

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