Resident Evil 3 – Settings & Accessibility First Impressions

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As a first time player of Resident Evil I didn’t know what I was expecting when I arrived at Racoon City. I knew of its importance to fans of the franchise and how widely received Resident Evil 2’s remake was last year. But beyond that, that was about it. So when I jumped into Capcom’s newest version of Resident Evil 3, I found the gameplay highly entertaining and frightening where I was screaming at every jump scare and yet could not put it down. That being said, even after reaching the end credits, while there were some awesome options available, there are still significant holes in it’s accessibility that might make it difficult for disabled players.

Watch the video below to watch/hear my thoughts on the game.

Watch Resident Evil 3 - Settings and Accessibility First Impressions on YouTube

If you are curious to see the settings available in the game check out the gallery of screenshots below.

  • Resident Evil 3 Control Settings Menu - Options include: Control Settings as a sub menu, Auto-reload set to On, Aim Adjustment Reticle Deceleration set to 50%, Aim Adjustment Aim Assist set to On, Vibration Function set to On
  • Resident Evil 3 Control Settings Sub Menu. Control options include: Control Type set to Type A, Run Type set to Toggle, Action Prompt Input Type set to Hold. There is a photo of the Playstation Dualshock 4 controller. Buttons mapped to: Aim Weapon set to L2, Switch Ammo set to L1, Change Weapon set to the D-Pad, Move set to Left Thumb Stick, Run set to LS, Open Map set to the Touch Pad, Options set to Pause Menu, Move Camera set to Right Thumbstick, Reset Camera set to RS, Interact set to X, Left Thumbstick plus Circle set to Quick Turn, Reload set to Square, Open Inventory set to Triangle.
  • Resident Evil 3 Camera Settings Menu - Options include: Invert Camera Normal Gameplay set to None, Invert Camera When Aiming set to None Field of View set to 50%, Camera Speed Normal Gameplay set to 75%, Camera Speed When Aiming set to 60%, Camera Wobble set to Off
  • Resident Evil 3 Display Settings Menu. Options include: HDR Mode set to Off, Britgness is a Sub Menu, Reticle Settings Reticle Color set to White, Reticle Settings Dot Sight set to White, Tutorials set to On, HUD set to On
  • Resident Evil 3 Audio Settings Menu - Options include: Voice Volume, set to 100%, Background Music Volume set to 90%, Sound Effects Volume set to 90%, Sound Output Device set to TV (Display), Dynamic Range set to Small, Controller Speaker set to On.
  • Resident Evil 3 Language Settings Menu. Options include: Voice Language set to English, Display Language set to English, Subtitles set to On

Review code provided by Capcom. Game played on Playstation 4 Pro.

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