2019 Accessibility Awards

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So many incredible games have been released this year with many of them making massive strides in accessibility. On top of that, we’ve got developers and studios being more vocal than ever in their commitment to making accessible games, and streamers and game journalists showing us every day why accessibility matters so very much.

So here’s your chance to say thank you!

We’re holding our first ever Accessibility Awards!

The categories are:

  • Best overall accessible game
  • Best deaf/hoh accessibility
  • Best physical/mobility accessibility
  • Best blind/low-vision accessibility
  • Best cognitive accessibility
  • Most improvement in accessibility in a series
  • Best accessibility-improving patch post-launch
  • Most accessible multiplayer chat
  • Favorite accessibility/#a11y champion on social media
  • Favorite accessible streamer
  • Favorite review program
  • Most accessible game trailer
  • Most accessible streamed event
  • Most accessible booth at an event
  • Favorite innovation in accessible tech
  • Best feature you wish all games would implement
  • Biggest accessibility surprise
  • Most dedicated-to-accessibility studio
  • Most dedicated-to-accessibility indie or solo dev

Vote for the finalists here: https://forms.gle/6PM9wCTJ9bpjNaGF8

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