Deaf Game Review – Wreckfest

Deaf Game Review – Wreckfest

Courtney Craven2 minute read

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Wreckfest Deaf Accessibility

Individual scores

  • Visual Representation of Sound - 10
  • Controller Vibration - 10
Above scores were automatically converted from 0-6 scale to a 0-10 scale.

Game reviewed on Xbox One

Racing games are usually the easiest to review, save for the couple out there that also try to add story and therefore dialogue that needs subtitles, because they don’t really require a whole lot in the way of Deaf/hoh accessibility. This holds true for Wreckfest, a new racing/smash the shit out of the vehicle nearest to you and try to win game out this week. Because of that, there’s not really a whole lot to say here, so I’ll keep it nice and short!

Race start screen showing the countdown to start.
End of session screen indicating that your vehicle has been wrecked.

Everything you need to know is conveyed visually and/or through controller vibration. The countdown to a race starting is not spoken and the numbers display clearly on the screen. As do your damage areas, which are indicated in the lower left corner. Every time someone hits you, your controller vibrates accordingly. And when you inevitably catch fire after one too many crashes, that vibrates your controller too.

And that’s really all there is to it. Easiest review I’ve ever done!

See below for all menus and settings:

Audio settings menu
Gameplay settings menu
Controller layout.
Advanced settings.

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