Deaf Game Review – Donut County

Deaf Game Review – Donut County

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Donut County Deaf Accessibility

Individual scores

  • Visual Representation of Dialogue - 10
  • Visual Representation of Sound - 10
  • Visual Cues - 10

Donut County is a remarkably simple (but very very fun) game to play. So much so that there’s really not much to review.

You play as a hole. Or rather, a raccoon using an app to control a hole. Your goal? To grow the hole by swallowing everything. As the hole grows, you can eat up bigger and bigger things until nothing is left and everyone and everything is with you, far below the town, sitting around a campfire.

The game uses pure logic to solve the object eating puzzles. All you have to do is move the hole. No need for Deaf accessibilty settings which is not something we ever imagined we’d be saying in a game review.

In between each of the puzzles, you’ll see a brief dialogue scene, which is fully subtitled, complete with speaker labels and color coded speaker indication, a black background for all text, easily legible text, and you have to press a button to advance the text.

And that’s all there is to it! See? Not much in the way of a review because this simple, delightful little game is very accessible without changing any settings. You move the hole, solve the puzzles, and read the dialogue!

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