Octopath Traveler accessibility review

Josh Straub1 minute read


Deaf / Hard of Hearing: 4 out of 4
Blind / Low Vision: 4 out of 4
Fine motor: 4 out of 4
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Usually at DAGERS the intention when we review a game is to immerse ourselves thoroughly in the experience so that if there are hidden barriers, they become apparent through many hours of gameplay. Every once in a while, however, there’s a game that doesn’t need this type of deep dive. These games are usually barrier free to such an extent that our reviewers can confidently recommend them after just a few hours.

The turn-based combat is engaging and the breadth of skills that the 8 main characters bring to the experience give this game a lot of replayability for fans of turn based combat. The story for each of the 8 main characters draws you in and not only uses a little bit of VO but also presents the dialogue in clear easy to read text. One recurring barrier that is often seen in this genre is HUD text that is too hard to read, this can break the back of an RPG. Especially in one where players need to flip through pages of menus to set up their characters and use items. However, Octopath’s text is highly readable, even if you’re sitting further away from your TV than normal.

The game is beautiful too with its mix of pixelated graphics and low poly 3d environments that should make the game easy to see for most gamers.

To be clear, we haven’t cut corners on this review, but Octopath has so much to offer that by the time we finished it all the game would be too old to cover. If you’re a fan of Nintendo as a company and want to get a Switch but don’t have one because of the console’s history of inaccessible games: this game is for you. Not only is it incredibly fun, its also highly accessible and a great value.

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