Star Wars Battlefront accessibility review

Josh Straub2 minute read

Star Wars Battlefront represents a reboot of one of the most beloved movie tie-in franchises in the video game industry. It is both highly polished and wonderfully executed. Happily, from the standpoint of accessibility, Star Wars Battlefront will not exclude many gamers with impairments from enjoying its blaster filled fun.

To begin with players with visual disabilities will have very little problem getting the full enjoyment out of this game. This is because there is not much in the way of fine detail in this title and what is there is not crucial to this experience. For example the subtitles may be a little small for some players but they are presented in a high contrast font and there is so little dialogue in this game that even if you weren’t able to read them and unable to hear what was being said you would still be able to enjoy Battlefront. Beyond this while Star Wars Battlefront does rely on the ability to see the contrast between colors, EA compensates for this by having not 1 but 3 color blind modes that cover the most common types of the condition. This ensures that even if a player is color blind that the game will flex to meet their needs.

The case is much the same for players with fine motor impairments. From the very beginning of the game players can choose between several weapons which should help compensate for any difficulty with precision and timing. The controllers are reasonably customizable allowing players to switch between multiple button and stick layouts to suit their needs. But perhaps Battlefronts greatest accessibility asset is also their greatest barrier. Its simplicity means that the game is really designed to be played with other people. You can play by yourself but this is not how the game was meant to be enjoyed. In essence it offers Star Wars fans the opportunity to reenact famous battles from the Star Wars mythos. These reenactments are better executed with other players. As a result if you are not the type of gamer who enjoys gaming online when you buy Star Wars Battlefront you will still be able to enjoy it but it will be a somewhat limited experience.

This simplicity ultimately aids gamers with hearing impairments. Even though subtitles are on before the game starts players will not need them because there is no story to miss out on in Star Wars Battlefront. There is also nothing in this game that seems to rely on sound cues alone to communicate information. As a result even players with severe hearing loss should have no problem enjoying this game.

The reboot of Star Wars Battlefront has perhaps less to offer than its predecessors but what is there is of an ultra-high caliber. This focus on making a higher quality game rather than a bigger one serves its accessibility well because, by eliminating the opportunity for barriers the developers have eliminated the barriers themselves.

Overall Rating: Barrier Free
Visual Rating: Barrier Free
Fine-Motor Rating: Barrier Free
Auditory Rating: Barrier Free
Released For: PS4, Xbox One, PC
ESRB Rating: T
GameInformer Score: 8.75

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